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How to Succeed in an E-Learning Environment Due to Coronavirus School Restrictions.

These past few months have been unexpected with the pandemic and the resulting lockdown. Although, the coronavirus is still very much affecting everyone, economies, organizations, individuals, and even educational institutions have had to find a way to embrace this new normal. To be able to abide by the safety measures and further flatten the curve, there has been a switch to remote work for organizations, and the embrace of e-learning for schools, this is our life now, and maybe for the foreseeable future.

Studying in an environment such as this is unusual to most people. Parents have had to do resort to center shops such as Early Learning Centre to help their kids cope with individual learnings at home. Click here for Early Learning Centre user experiences . Here, there’s provision for ease of learning for kids and toddlers under the age of 10 and various online courses options.

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Mobile education applications have increased by about 95% download usage worldwide as e-learning has been further embraced. Google Classroom for instance surpassed 50 million downloads at the beginning of the pandemic. Asking questions is however important to understand how to better adjust with the difference in virtual and physical learning.

To succeed in an e-learning environment, it is important to work on planning your time and establishing a routine. The importance of having a routine is to help enforce a level of seriousness. Some schools have even been said to insist on uniforms for their pupils, during virtual classes. Although, organizing your day helps to give a brief overview of how your day should go, following it to the letter is key.

Selfcare is important when trying to establish a routine. Bathing and dressing up before each class help to establish a level of routine. As the current situation is similar to homeschooling, it is important to design independent learning scheme as individuals, and parents need to do the same for each of their kids.

However, more teachers have designed their online learning curriculum to be more student-centered, more innovative and even more flexible. This helps to assist students in adjusting to the difference in learning environment. The strategies for success in a virtual environment include; providing clear expectations, choosing the right learning tool and sticking with them and addressing the emotional toll of isolation.

Some applications that help with planning your day and maximizing productivity include; Evernote, TickTick, Trello, Google Keep, Wunderlist. These applications help in prioritization and to meet crucial deadlines on assignments and projects. Discipline is important in following through with the prioritized items. Giving rewards for each item crossed, assignment submitted, and class completed could also help in focusing and reducing distraction time.

With no one to motivate you other than yourself and loneliness from being alone (for some people), a number of students have fallen behind in the delivery of their assignments. And this is why the most important factor in succeeding in this new normal is taking care of your mental health and the toll the difference in learning system might take. Talking to people and asking questions generally help.